International Pen Friends
Pen Friends from 8-80 years



The biggest and longest established

pen friend organisation in the world


Have you ever considered that the greatest friend you may ever have is someone

you have never met,

living in a country you have never seen?


International Pen Friends (IPF) has more than 100.000 active members in 192 countries and we can provide new friends in your own age group in many countries around the world.

The doors of IPF are open to young and old, male and female, married and single. Our youngest member is 8 years old. Our oldest was born in 1932. To each of you we can bring friendship though the English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian language. IPF members are people from all walks of live and every caste, creed and colour is represented in our club.

Whether you would like to cultivate friendship, practise a foreign language, organise exchange holidays  or develop your hobbies, please be assured that we will provide you with many new refreshing exciting and interesting contacts.


You can join our club alone, together with friend or as member of a school class/youth group aged 10-17 years. Please see details at Service


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