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Who appears on my list?

On your list you will find only names of persons in your age who joined IPF during the past months in the countries you whish or from other countries wishing correspondence with your country.


How to get my pen friend list?

When you send your application form and the admission fee to your IPF representant, they will send you the list by post. As the matching takes place only at our headquarter in Australia to ensure the pool of worldwide contacts, please allow us to take up till 4 weeks. Thank you for your understanding.


Correspondence by snail mail or E-Mail/chat etc?

Even if many of our representants offer webpages in the particular language of the country many IPF members don’t have (regular) access to computer and internet. To avoid discrimination we only match by postal addresses but you can use any measure of communication with your new pen friends as long as the opportunity is given on both sides.


What does „pen friends in my age group“ mean?

Children will be matched with pen friends aged +/- 1 year, teenagers +/- 2 years. For services C5 upwards the matched pen friends’ ages can vary more.


I don’t know a country’s official language. Can I have pals from there, though?

Yes. With some English knowledge the world is open to you. English is the most used language with IPF and is taught in every country of the world. Besides, we offer correspondence in French, Spanish, Portuguese,  Italian , Russian and German. German speaking pen pals are available mostly within Europe only.


I want to practise a foreign language, Will I get addresses of native speakers?

That depends on the countries you choose. If you want to practice English, French or German, it is easy to find 10-14 native speakers in each age group, but it can also be enriching to correspond with someone practising the same foreign language.


Can I have pen pals from a certain city or region?

No, unfortunately not.


When and how do I have to pay the admission fee?

This is to pay only once together with your application in Euro cash or by bank draft. Please find details on the application forms. Unfortunately we made the sad experience that some members forgot to pay the admission fee after we had already done our service, hence we do not send out lists before the admission fee is paid. Thank you  for your understanding.


How to end my IPF membership?

Your membership expires automatically after 12 months. If you want to have more pen friends after that date you have to renew your membership. If it happens that you don’t want your address circulated anymore before that date, please send a short note to your IPF representant.


What about data protection?

Data protection is an important issue for us. Your name and address are only circulated to 10/14 potential pen friends during the 12 months of your membership. This way we avoid a lot of problems that can occur by pen friend seeking in an open internet directory or by newspaper announcements.

It is contrary to IPF’s philosophy to convey data to 3rd persons. Any abuse of data for other purposes than private friendly correspondence will be prosecuted.


Can I find a partner with IPF

It happens that people find their soul mates among their pen friends and it happened that even pen friends got married in the end. But IPF is not a matrimonial bureau!! Any requests of that kind must be kindly ignored. We only provide serious friendly friendships!


If you have more questions please don't hesitate contacting us:

Wolfgang Rosig, International Pen Friends, Postfach 1104

D- 06731 Bitterfeld, Germany


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